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3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

Posted on: February 21, 2010 6:36 pm
Hello again, another update on the 3-2-1 Point System.  For the history of this thread, check out the following links.

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

To begin with, I'll show the current point system standings, and follow it up with the 3-2-1 Point System.

Current Point System

Eastern Conference

Pos GP Pts Team
 01   62  90   Washington Capitals
 02   61  77   New Jersey Devils
 03   63  76   Ottawa Senators
 04   62  76   Pittsburgh Penguins
 05   60  75   Buffalo Sabres
 06   60  67   Philadelphia Flyers
 07   60  65   Boston Bruins
 08   63  64   Montreal Canadiens 
 09   61  63   New York Rangers
 10   61  63   Tampa Bay Lightning 
 11   60  62   Atlanta Thrashers
 12   63  58   New York Islanders 
 13   61  58   Florida Panthers
 14   61  55   Carolina Hurricanes
 15   61  49   Toronto Maple Leafs

Western Conference
Pos GP Pts Team
 01   62  89   San Jose Sharks
 02   61  87   Chicago Blackhawks
 03   61  76   Vancouver Canucks
 04   63  79   Phoenix Coyotes 
 05   61  78   Los Angeles Kings
 06   61  76   Colorado Avalanche *
 07   61  71   Nashville Predators
 08   62  69   Calgary Flames 
 09   61  68   Detroit Red Wings
 10   61  68   Dallas Stars
 11   62  67   Anaheim Mighty Ducks
 12   62  65   St. Louis Blues
 13   61  64   Minnesota Wild
 14   63  60   Columbus Blue Jackets
 15   61  44   Edmonton Oilers 

3-2-1 Point System

Eastern Conference

Pos GP Pts   Team
 01   62  122   Washington Capitals
 02   63  107   Ottawa Senators
 03   61  107   New Jersey Devils
 04   60  102   Buffalo Sabres
 05   62  102   Pittsburgh Penguins
 06   60   95    Philadelphia Flyers
 07   61   85    New York Rangers 
 08   63   84    Montreal Canadiens 
 09   61   83    Tampa Bay Lightning 
 10   60   82    Boston Bruins
 11   60   79    Atlanta Thrashers
 12   61   75    Florida Panthers 
 13   61   73    Carolina Hurricanes
 14   63   73    New York Islanders 
 15   61   58    Toronto Maple Leafs

Western Conference
Pos GP Pts   Team
 01   62  120   San Jose Sharks
 02   61  120   Chicago Blackhawks
 03   61  110   Vancouver Canucks
 04   63  108   Phoenix Coyotes 
 05   61  107   Los Angeles Kings
 06   61  105   Colorado Avalanche
 07   61   97    Nashville Predators
 08   62   92    Calgary Flames 
 09   61   90    Minnesota Wild 
 10   62   90    Anaheim Mighty Ducks 
 11   61   88    Detroit Red Wings
 12   61   88    Dallas Stars
 13   62   83    St. Louis Blues
 14   63   82    Columbus Blue Jackets
 15   61   56    Edmonton Oilers 

The next (last) quarter I will really break things down so that people can adjust the scores for their own point systems.  I will do this as I know that a lot of people seem to disagree with my 'Overtime opinion' where I include the 5 minute overtime in the 3 point win section.

* Not sure why this isn't linking properly.

Since: Oct 19, 2009
Posted on: March 29, 2010 9:03 am

3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

I would agree with your system if overtime was played 5 on 5, but by changing the rules in ot. I can not agree with no point for an ot loss. 60 minutes awin =3pts an otor shoot out win 2, 1 otl/shootout. an extra point for a regulation win is what the NHL should adopt

Since: Nov 12, 2008
Posted on: March 28, 2010 9:36 pm

3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

Agreed that the record books are being re-written now with point totals, but even more startling is the way team wining or losing streaks have been affected given that every game has a winner and loser, since the elimination of ties.

Since: Apr 24, 2007
Posted on: March 28, 2010 8:54 pm

3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

Hey there.  Long time since I've been able to reply, but I'll try to address a few things that have been brought up.

bertabin first, thanks for your comment, and if you read back to my first posting on the 3-2-1 system, you'll see that I actually prefer to see them go back to the W-L-T system that they had about a dozen years ago.  Going straight W-L still means that they have to play to a winner, and that would mean possibly going into either extensive overtime or shootout.

Also, in reply to your changing the OT, I agree that playing multiple OT periods is not really a viable option.  I don't like the idea of playing 3 on 3 OT any more than I like the idea of the shootout, but that may just be me.  And the 3-2-1 system may encourage teams to end the game before the end of regulation.  Sure, the teams may still be getting an automatic point by going to OT/SO, but they will also automatically lose a point by going to OT/SO as well since they will only get 2 points instead of 3.

Btown Bammer and SteveR44, thanks for the comments and the support.

SteveR44, I'm not sure about the 'wrongness' in the system so much as the 'wrongness' in the way that the OT period is played.  As stated, I am a big supporter of the way the game used to be played - 60 minutes or regulation, and if no winner was decided, 5 minutes 5-on-5 to see if they could solve anything.  If nothing was decided in that 5 minutes, than a tie was awarded.

I have resigned myself to the fact that the NHL is not going to get rid of the SO, but would like to see them bring back a 5-on-5 OT for full (3) point wins.

A side note in response to many people who I have spoken to this about who say that they are concerned that this 3-2-1 system will 'rewrite' the history books.  They say that bringing all these new points into the stats will make teams standings appear bloated when compared to the team standings of today.  My rebuttal to that, to those who make that argument, is to compare the team standings of today to those of the mid 90's.  In the mid 90's, teams still played 82 games, and there were usually only 3 or 4 teams who ended the season with 100+ points.  At the point that I write this, with about 7 games left per team, there are already 3 teams with 100+ points.  And it's very likely that another 3 or 4 will be able to crack the century mark.  The history books are already being rewritten, with almost 25% of the games this year ending with a third point being awarded in a game.  And if you want to get really retentive, compare the stats from the mid 90's to the stats of the early 90's where they played a couple less games, then take it back some more and compare the early 90's to the mid 60's when 6 teams played 70 games.  The history books are constantly being rewritten, more teams, more games, more points, and (since about 2000) bonus points for losing.  What is it going to hurt the history books to change the system so that all games are worth the same point value?

Okay, I'm done ranting for today.  :)

Since: Mar 25, 2010
Posted on: March 25, 2010 8:56 am

3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

I've been a proponent of a 3-2-1 system for a while. Every result should have the same point value. There's a wrongness to the system when games decided solely by "pure" hockey -- 5-on-5 -- have a lower value than ones that are gimmicked up by 4-on-4 and a shootout.

Three points should only be for wins in regulation. This is the one part of how the Olympics did things that the NHL should adopt. Leave no-touch icing where it is.

Since: Nov 12, 2008
Posted on: March 24, 2010 10:40 pm

3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

I am not a fan of shoot outs either, but the NHL will never get rid of them as some people call it the most exciting play in hockey.  It used to be before it became worn out by their current post game overiindulgence.  In fact, the NHL continues to encourage shootouts with its current system.  The most we can hope for is a change to the 3-2-1- system to make real wins more relevant. 

Since: Sep 1, 2006
Posted on: March 3, 2010 10:56 pm

3-2-1 Point System (3rd Quarter)

Your system is better than the present, but still needs tweaking somehow. Take the Wild and Flames. Wild are 30-31, Flames are 30-32, yet the Flames lead the Wild by 5 points because they have 5 more OT losses than the Wild. Why not just a straight W-L and forget points altogether?

Then we can start looking at changing the OT. I really think the shootout stinks, but you don't want teams playing multiple OT a lot when they already play 82 games in the regular season. I've heard go 4 on 4, then 3 on 3 until someone scores. How long can two teams play 3 on 3 without a goal? I wouldn't think too long. Or how about one OT like they have, then whoever has most shots on goal during the game wins? Wouldn't that encourage teams with a 1-goal lead to keep playing to score and not turn into a boring defensive shell, because if they give up the 1 goal and haven't been shooting, they could very well be behind? It would also encourage more shots in general. I'm sure someone will point out something that would make such a scheme horrendous, but I'm looking for some creative answers that don't include a shootout. I think discouraging regulation ending in a tie is one key. The way it is now, if tied late in a game, both teams benefit from it going to OT (unless you're trying to catch the team you're playing in the standings and don't want them to get that point). There again, going W-L instead of points helps solve that, as does your 3-2-1 system.

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